You’ve probably gone through customs at the airport and been asked ‘business or personal’? For me, it was always one or the other. That is, until I started NeatPack and began to find ways to combine work trips with personal fun to travel and explore new places.

This new way of travelling left me with the challenge of packing for both – and for being prepared and organised for both. I had to learn how to juggle business on the road and embrace my new lifestyle of an entrepreneur on the road.

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On a recent work and personal trip to Arizona, I got to experience AirBnb for the first time. What a great experience! I got to stay with a friendly couple that was living a vegan, chemical free lifestyle. In addition to getting valuable tips from locals about where to go, I got a glimpse into a different way of life that included learning how to make homemade soap.

This type of travel is possible when you are able to be flexible and when you pack light and pack smart. Our USB Bag was designed with this in mind! It allows you to easily pack and organise your personal and work essentials while allowing you to charge your smartphone on the go!

Always having your personal items and business items with you means that you are ready for any opportunity! Being able to easily organise and access your stuff is just as important while on the road! After a day of sightseeing, hop into a local cafe and connect to the wifi to send a few business emails before heading back to the hotel.

The Perfect Place for Your Gadgets!

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Charge your laptop & other gadgets on the go with this stylish, rugged backpack featuring a USB charging port.

  • Smartly designed for all-day comfort as well as easy access to your belongings.
  • Three roomy compartments offer space for a laptop up to 17″, tablet, & other gadgets with space left for clothes, snacks, & more.
  • Built-in USB charging cable and external USB 2.0 port* make it easy to charge your phone & other gadgets in the car or at the airport — without ever unpacking the bag.
  • Interior sleeve holds your laptop snugly to prevent shifting. Sturdy padded bottom makes it easy to set bag down and slide in your computer. Great for the busy professional.

For More Organisation…

Our USB Bag easily fits a set of three Packing Cubes! Packing cubes are a great way to keep your belongings organised!

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Alannah has a serious case of itchy feet and incurable wanderlust! Originally from Canada, Alannah went on her first international trip at the age of fifteen to Paris France. Since then, her passion for travel and adventure has continued to grow. She has currently been to over 30 countries and lived in 3. She writes a travel blog where she shares her adventures and tips for travelling solo and travelling on a budget.