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We are excited to announce that All NeatPack Products are now available with FREE SHIPPING from our Shopify store to anywhere in the United States. We are also offering other cool travel related products such as foreign language travel cards, anti-theft bags, and more!

Tips on Packing Light

             Don’t get weighed down by your suitcases this summer!

Things are Replaceable: 
Except for the few necessities (such as medicine or your passport), most things are replaceable and it’s not the end of the world if you forget to pack it. If you forget to bring something chances are that you’ll be able to buy or rent a replacement while travelling.
Plan Ahead, Pack Ahead:
By planning ahead, you will reduce stress and reduce the chances of packing extra unnecessary things. Avoid being stuck in a last minute panic, wondering if you’ve remembered everything.

Making a List and Check it twice:
In order to insure that the irreplaceable necessities are not forgotten make a list before your trip. What are the things that you really need and that are not easily replaceable?
Know What’s in Your Suitcase:
If you just throw everything into your suitcase then it’s easy to forget what you have already put in and what you’ve forgotten to put in. Lay out everything you are planning on packing so you can see what you have.

Pre-Plan Your Outfits:
If you start randomly throwing things in your suitcase you risk bringing a lot of extra stuff. So sit down, figure out how many days you will be travelling and then plan your outfits accordingly.
When in Doubt Throw it Out:
Not sure if you need something? Then chances are you don’t. If you don’t need it then don’t bring it.

Wash as you go:
Chances are, unless you are travelling to some very remote area, you will have access to a washing machine. This means that you don’t need a new outfit for every day. Have enough clothing to last you seven days without washing. Mix and match pieces to create new looks.

Choose Versatile Clothing:
Pick a couple of your favorite pieces that you can layer for warmth or wear alone on warm days
. Choose clothing that is versatile and that you can mix and match.
Avoid Big and Bulky:
Maximize the space you have by focusing on choosing things that take up a small percentage of
space and weight.

Bring Travel Size Bottles:
Big bottles of shampoo,
conditioner, soap, and so on can add a lot of weight to your suitcase. Travel with smaller bottles. 

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                                                                  Other Travel Products

language cards

Foreign Language Travel Cards
Traveler’s Tongue™ foreign language cards provide the most essential words and phrases for travelers to non-English speaking countries. These words and phrases will help make your stay more fun and rewarding. Available for purchase in a set of (8) cards: ◦French ◦Russian ◦Italian ◦Chinese ◦Japanese ◦German ◦Spanish for Latin America ◦Spanish for Spain.
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