NeatPack recently attended Freedom Fast Lane in Austin Texas. The event featured inspirational brand builders, internet entrepreneurs, and Amazon sellers.

“Freedom Fast Lane is all about inspiring, educating, and empowering people to live extraordinary lives.”

Our NeatPack Backpack was chosen as one of the featured products for the brand showcase. We were very excited when we got this news! NeatPack was chosen to be featured to hundreds of successful business owners, entrepreneurs, and innovators.


As part of being a featured brand, each VIP member of Freedom Fast Lane received a free NeatPack Backpack.


We are always looking to grow and improve our business – to make the best products and provide the best service for our amazing customers! Attending events like Freedom Fast Lane is both inspiring and motivational.

We are excited for 2017 … we have some fun new bags in the works and we are looking forward to unveiling them! We know that 2017 will be great year full of new opportunities and growth.