NeatPacking Across Paris

Some Snapshots of Our Latest Travels

I don’t know about you, but to my husband Mike and I the last week of Summer means one thing–travel! It’s the last chance to really soak up summer fun before work gets more hectic, and this year, we decided to visit a place we’d both been dying to travel to for years: Paris.

So we brought our NeatPacks and spent our time seeing the sights, drinking the wine, and galavanting across this miraculous city of light.

Here are a few highlights from our adventure:



neatpack sling bag arc de triomphe

I managed to snap a pic of my hubby in front of the Arc De Triomphe, which was significantly bigger than we thought it would be. Unlike most of the places we went on the rest of our trip, this one was right next to a metro, giving our legs an easy start to the trip:)


sling bag neatpack Eiffel tower

I have to be honest: From here, the Eiffel Tower didn’t look as impressive as I’d hoped, but the view from the top was something else! The morning sun was still rising, so everything around us was bathed in a beautiful orange tint. We wound up walking up most of the way since our bags were light and comfortable, but we definitely took the lift back down.


neatpack crossbody bag Notre-Dame cathedral

The Cathedral was definitely my favorite sight of the trip. Mike took a picture of me looking at this absolutely gorgeous stained glass window. There was so much history to it, and it still looked spectacular after hundreds of years.


neatpack crossbody bag Enjoying macaroon at park bend by The Louvre

By this point, both of us were hungry, and while we both brought plenty of snacks, I couldn’t resist enjoying a macaroon right outside The Louvre ( and yes, that crow watched for crumbs the whole time). I even managed to sneak two more into my bag pockets for safe keeping.

Speaking of the Louvre…


neatpack sling bag Monalisa by Da Vinci inside of The Louvre museum

Here’s a quick pic of Mike (trusty water bottle in tow) getting his first look at the real life Mona Lisa. The art in the museum was astounding, and I was sad I couldn’t take more photos of it all. Pro tip: There were a few points in the museum where we had to check our bags for security purposes.


neatpack sling bag Moulin Rouge

Mocha Chocolata ya ya..Creole Lady Marmalade… We took a quick trip to the famous Moulin Rouge, and I couldn’t stop humming the song (which Mike definitely was sick of by the end lol).


Soaking in the Atmosphere

neatpack sling bag montmartre
Our favorite moments were when we took the time to stop and enjoy the atmosphere of the city, relaxing at a local cafe and enjoying a glass of wine while people bustled past. Between what we packed into his slingbag and my crossbody bag, we had everything we needed to stay on the move during our vacation, but we loved stopping to smell the roses at the end of each day.

We hope you enjoyed this little peak at what we’ve been up to this month ( and we hope you’ve got your own travels to tell us about!). If you’re planning a vacation now and need a travel bag that’s going to make it through any trip, make sure to pick up our slingbag and crossbody bag to make sure you’re prepared for any situation like Mike and I!

Until next time, safe (and happy!) travels.