NeatPacking Across Paris

Some Snapshots of Our Latest Travels I don’t know about you, but to my husband Mike and I the last week of Summer means one thing–travel! It’s the last chance to really soak up summer fun before work gets more hectic, and this year, we decided to visit a place we’d both been dying to […]

Best Tour Companies for Solo Travelers

Solo travelers rejoice! The rise of solo travel is continuing and is now one of the biggest trends in travel. The number of solo travelers of all ages has skyrocketed in recent years and companies are starting to take notice.

8 Affordable Accommodation Alternatives to Hotels

Nowadays, travelers have many options when it comes to choosing a place to sleep. Many new types of accommodations have popped up in past years offering much more choice and flexibility.

NeatPack Featured in Freedom Fast Lane

NeatPack recently attended Freedom Fast Lane in Austin Texas. The event featured inspirational brand builders, internet entrepreneurs, and Amazon sellers.