You’ve probably gone through customs at the airport and been asked ‘business or personal’? For me, it was always one or the other. That is, until I started NeatPack and began to find ways to combine work trips with personal fun to travel and explore new places. This new way of travelling left me with the […]

Many people overlook what’s right in their backyards and forget to check out all the great things their home town, and surrounding areas, have to offer.

Planning a trip with your baby in tow can feel overwhelming. One way to have a fun and stress-free vacation with your baby is by keeping organised and prepared! NeatPack bags are designed to keep you organised at home and on the road!

Heading to the airport? Don’t forget to pack these 10 essential carry on items! They will help ensure that you have a happy and comfortable flight. 1. Passport and travel documents Don’t leave the house without your ID and travel documents. Make sure you have an up-to-date passport with extra visa pages if you will be […]

Want to downsize your luggage and travel the world with only a carry-on? I’m going to tell you how you can do it. The more you practice your packing skills, the better you’ll get. Don’t become frustrated if you struggle with it at first. It can be difficult to downsize but it can be worth it. Packing […]

Advantages of Packing Light

Hello, my name’s Alannah and I’m an over-packer. It’s been 3 years since the last time I over-packed. Thankfully, this is a problem of the past for me. It took some negative experiences for me to change my packing habits. Several instances of suitcase rage. So what are the many advantages of packing light? Why is […]